Double Rainbow
14 May 2020
What does this mean? To be honest, only recently did I begin to discover the differences between Computer Science, IT, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Programmer, Software Developer, etc. Let me rephrase that, I, like many others, never gave it much...
Software Engineering
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The Money Pit - IRL
30 Apr 2020
Several years ago my wife and I set out to renovate our home. Neither of us had any experience, but we had a vision. Little did we know that we would wind up in a real life rendition of the...
Design Patterns
MVC gone awry
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The Not So Semantic Truth Behind Semantic UI
27 Feb 2020
Often times we use the term “it’s just semantics” when arguing a point both parties agree on, but the words used are just not quite the same. In this manner of speaking, I feel the concept of Semantic UI is...
Semantic UI
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What Would Jon Skeet Do?
30 Jan 2020
What exactly is a good question on StackOverflow? The answer is literally posted in broad daylight at StackOverflow. This page covers almost everything. Right at the top, you will find a large “Search” hyperlink. While it may seem obvious, the...
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Soup to Nuts
23 Jan 2020
The Wonder Years My story in Computer Science began over 30 years ago. I wrote my first program in elementary school back in the mid-80’s where I attended public school in Mountain View, California. Similar to kids today, I grew...
Software Engineering
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